Manipulating a GPIO on VAR-SOM-43

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Manipulating a GPIO on VAR-SOM-43

Postby zoombach » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:51 pm

Using the AM43 Custom Board, The Yocto 1.8 Fido, and following these instructions:

I tried Header J20 Pin 2 (GPIO1_4) and it would not work. I was just trying to blink an LED like I can with the Beaglebone.

I also tried Header J19 Pin 2 (GPIO2_3) and it did not work. On boot up the LED came on but I could not control it.

I am booting off of an SD card.

Are these GPIOS really hooked up to use in the Yocto 1.8 Fido build? Or are they mapped some other way?


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