CAN bus test

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CAN bus test

Postby elausa » Fri May 13, 2016 11:40 am

We are working on a project based on the DART-6UL System-on-Module attached to the VAR-6UL CustomBoard. The software version is : imx_3.14.52_6ul_ga-var01. We have to communicate over CAN bus, so, we are testing the can bus following the instructions on the wariwiki.

In the imx6ul-var-dart.dtsi of the linux kernel, the configuration of the pins for the can is as follows

pinctrl_flexcan1: flexcan1grp{
fsl,pins = <

The pins used for Tx and RX over de CAN bus are available at the J9.1 ( CAN TX ) and J9.3 ( CAN RX ) Extension connector of the VAR-6ULCustomBoard. This way is easy to to see the waveforms generated on the TX and RX of the CAN bus.

When I try to send a frame over the CAN ( cansend can0 500#1E.10.10 ) nothing appears on the bus ( tested with oscilloscope ) and also i see that the TX Bytes = 0 from the command ifconfig can0.

Could you tell me if I am missing something or there is a bug or what is the reason that makes the CAN bus don’t behaves correctly.

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