PPS Event handler

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PPS Event handler

Postby systemz » Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:11 pm


I have finally got the DartMX6 setup with kernel customisation etc. So I get the process and am able to configure the system. I have pps setup with ktimer and ppstest shows this works. I will eventually be triggering PPS from a GPIO, but for now ktimer is fine.

I am stuck on the next step and cannot seem to find the right info. I need to accurately set our system clock from a custom external source. The plan is to send the next second value via 232 and store this. We will also deliver a 1hz pulse to a gpio connected to PPS. So we will therefore get an accurate trigger on the PPS for when that time needs to be loaded into the system clock.

This is where I need some help - how do set an event trigger so that the PPS event effectively activates my event handler where I can run custom code (without polling)?



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