Wifi Measurements

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Wifi Measurements

Postby PierreOlivier » Thu Nov 17, 2016 2:02 pm


We are doing some tests on the DART-MX6 about the Wifi. We use a custom board, with poky on fido branch. The test is simple, a video is streamed by the DART on wifi, when the video start freezing (not when the wifi is unreachable), we note the distance between the antenna and the display device (iPad).
With the Dart-MX6 with the antenna provided with the Development Kit, the distance is about 10meters.

We also do some test with another SOM brand on another custom carrier board. We did the test with USB WiFi dongles. With the USB Edimax 7811Un, the maximum distance is 15m, with Edimax 7811Usc the distance is 30m, and with an external router (NETGEAR D6100) in 2.4GHz mode the distance is 65m.

Is it normal that the distance is only 10m? The signal quality seems to be quickly bad. Do we need to do some configuration? How can we boost the signal? Can we use 2 antennas for 2.4GHz?

Best regards,
Pierre-Olivier Huard

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