VAR-SOM-MX6: IEEE1588 with 1588_EVENT2_IN

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VAR-SOM-MX6: IEEE1588 with 1588_EVENT2_IN

Postby hannesm » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:57 am


we want to use IEEE1588 PTP on a VAR-SOM-MX6 and need to sync with an external FPGA. To do this we thought we can simply use the ENET.1588_EVENT2_IN as input pin for timer capture, but apparently this pin is already occupied by the clock signal ENET_REF_CLK which is required for the IEEE1588 timer to run.

There is an errata ERR005895 which states that EVENT2 cannot be used since it shares the same pad GPIO_16 as the reference clock.

Also there is already a similar thread about this in the forum (viewtopic.php?t=421), but in that case it was a DART-MX6 board which has other event pins available. The VAR-SOM-MX6 has only event2!

I've already contacted the Varscite technical support about this, but didn't get really satisfying answers. Quote: "Unfortunately there is only one pin that can be used as clock or as event. You cannot have both."

Maybe I'm missing some piece of the puzzle here... of course I can't have both, but what's even the use of the event if the timer is not running without the clock? Can the timer be clocked by some other input pin?

Has someone used IEEE1588 PTP on the VAR-SOM-MX6 with the external event input and can shed some light on this?

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