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Android on VAR-SOM-AM33 V2

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:58 am
by erick_reyes
My custom board is based on VAR-SOM-AM33. I have both SOM versions available for testing, but we want to use V2 for the final product. Using V1 (the version with WL12xx WiFi/Bluetooth) I have no problems.

If I understand correctly, Variscite's Android release is based on TI's JB devkit. In here, they use a different kernel config and build command line to compile with wl18xx support for the EVM board. There is also a difference in wl12xx platform data in the EVM board initialization file when the flag CONFIG_MACH_AM335XEVM_WILINK8 is present. I changed my kernel source to do something similar to this, but in the resulting image WiFi signal is very low and Bluetooth does not work at all. This is my platform data:

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static struct wl12xx_platform_data var_som_am33_wlan_data = {
   .wlan_enable_gpio = VAR_SOM_WLAN_PMENA_GPIO,
   .bt_enable_gpio = VAR_SOM_BT_PMENA_GPIO,
   .board_ref_clock = WL12XX_REFCLOCK_26, /* 26Mhz */
    .board_tcxo_clock = WL12XX_TCXOCLOCK_26,

What is the correct driver and platform data for the wl18xx module on Variscite's board?

With gitorious now offline, the instructions here are no longer valid. However, I downloaded the prepackaged sources from TI and applied Variscite's patches myself.

Using prebuilt images is not an option because my board uses a different touch panel driver, has a battery, a power switch and other custom hardware.

Re: Android on VAR-SOM-AM33 V2

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:32 am
by y.yemelyanov
There are some wlxxx android patches on Variscite's FTP, have you checked them out?